National Standards: (6) Listening to, analyzing, and describing music. (7) Evaluating music and music performances.

M-S Intermediate School
5th Gr. Clarinet Lesson (9:30-10:00AM)


- The students will listen to their own recording of Stars and
  Angels (mm.19-End).
- Using the worksheet “Time to Listen!”, the students will
  analyze and describe how their performance was as a
- The students will then evaluate their own performance.
- After discussion, the students will then put those verbal
  corrections into action and perform mm.19-End again.

National Standards

- (2) Performance on instruments, alone and with others, a
  varied repertoire of music.
- (5) Reading and notating music.
- (6) Listening to, analyzing, and describing music.
- (7) Evaluating music and music performances.

New York State Standards

- (2) Knowing and using arts materials and resources.
- (3) Responding to and analyzing works of art.


1) B-flat clarinet, a recording device, 2) Laptop, 3) Garage Band, 4) “Time to Listen!” Worksheet (seen here), 5) Stars and Angels score and instrumental parts, 6) "Hanukkah is Here" score and instrumental parts


- Collect old practice logs, grade new practice log for stickers, and put instruments together.
- Warm-up: play through warm-up #1, check for tonguing and correct duration of notes.
- Stars and Angels (mm.19-End):
- Pass out “Time to Listen!” worksheet and explain it. Explain that they need to pay close attention to themselves because we
  would answer #2 and #3 right afterward.
- Record the group playing from mm.19-end using Garage Band. Set-up ahead of schedule and remind them to keep in check how
  they are doing as they play.
- Before listening to the recording, answer questions 2 and 3 for personal reflection. This should still be fresh in their memory.
  - Verbally gave them prompts, reminded them to have more than one sentence. (I would also add this to the directions on the
  - A little confused with #3. It was explained in the directions, but I still had to tell them that they needed to grade themselves with
    numbers rather than comments in each section. Probably wouldn’t have hurt to do both if we had more time.
- Listen to recording while answering the first question.
  - Share answers and discuss what they could do to fix the problems.
- Try to play again to make discussed improvements come true.
  - Record their performance a second time so they can also hear the improvements. Then they could compare recordings.
- If there’s time, run through the coda of Hanukkah is Here.

Prior Knowledge and Experiences

- The students must be able to set up their instruments.
- The students must be, at least, at a NYSSMA I playing level.
- The students also must know the concert B-flat Major scale, with the correct fingerings and pitches.

Indicators of Success

- The students were able to evaluate their performance after they listened to their recording.
- The students were able to discuss the adjustments that needed to be made to make improvements playing it the second time.
- The students were able to play through the section with the adjustments made.

Transfer of Learning

- The students will be able to keep these improvements in mind as they play this music for their future lessons and rehearsals.
- The students will be able to take the initiative to evaluate their own playing capabilities, further implying it to pieces they’ll be
  playing in the future.


- The students were very patient while I had a bit of a technical difficulty loading Garage Band on my laptop. I used that time to read through questions #2 and #3, explaining it in further detail.
- I had trouble again, but they were so patient and quiet. They even tried to help.
- I would definitely try to use another recording device, one that would be more efficient to avoid these lapses. If I had any other
  group, especially if it was larger or louder, I would definitely have to increase my classroom management skills.
- On the handout, I would include a question that would have them describe what the piece would sound like with any adjectives or
  other terms that the have learned in their vocabulary studies.

 Please be sure to use the following links (below) for further understanding of the guidelines and expectations composed in the
  New York State Fine Arts Standards and National Standards for Music Education.